Bingo Winnings and Cashouts

If you are looking for a new bingo site to play on, we recommend that you choose one with a great bunch of jackpots and prizes of course, but that’s not all you have to look at.  Make sure that you know the site you are paying on has a high payout ratio for fans.  It’s no use joining a site if they don’t tend to payout the prizes as frequently as some others.  You should also choose the site that offers you the best cash out deals, as this tends to differ from site to site.

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Finding a Good Bingo Payout

It is a lot harder to find out which sites offer the players the best payout ratio’s as they don’t tend to brandish this on the homepage like other online gaming sites.  Hit a scratchcard or a casino site and you will see that they boast their payout ratio everywhere, but bingo sites don’t tend to do this.  So how do you know which sites to choose?

  • Look at the winners section – if an online bingo site offers a Winners section on the site, it is probably because they have a lot of players winning all the time.  This gives a good indication of not only how likely you are to win, but also how much the site in question tends to give away.  Cheers Bingo is a great example of this – they have a big Winners section in which you will see the biggest bingo game wins AND the biggest Instant Game wins!
  • Testimonies – some of the best bingo sites offer a section in which you will find user testimonies.  This is great because this also gives an indication of the winnings you could receive.
  • Try and find news – there are always stories of bingo sites giving out loads of dosh, you will find loads of them on Google and so on.  This is great, because you will tend to see a lot of the sites popping up all the time, and of course this means that they have a high pay-out ratio.

Best Cashing Out Deals on Bingo Sites

When you are looking for a new bingo site, make sure that you read the terms and conditions, because it is in here that you will find the best deals.  Why join a site that allows you to cash out small amounts at a time?  That is no good if you win a huge jackpot!  Some of the best cashing out deals is from new sites like Cheers Bingo.  They offer you the chance to cash out £1,000 each day, £5,000 each week and £10,000 each month, which is great.  Make sure that you check out these sections – found within the Withdrawals and Deposits – to get the best deals!

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