Bingo Trip to Launch on Mobile

Great news for mobile bingo fans, it seems that there’s going to be another fun game coming out on this ever evolving gaming platform.

What’s Going On?

Imperus Technologies Corp, a company that specialise in mobile games, social networking and real-money gaming apps have launched a new mobile bingo game.

Dubbed ‘Bingo Trip’, this fun title launched on Facebook only last year and had a huge positive reception from players, so much so that Imperus have decided to port it into a mobile app. According to the company, this free to play app will hopefully attract lots of new players to their mobile platform.

Although the Facebook version is already available, the Bingo Trip mobile app isn’t set to launch until the second quarter of this year and will be easily accessible on both iOS and Android devices.

Design of the Game

The design of this app is pretty simple, it has this cute cartoon approach as everything has simple and adorable designs. Think Saturday morning cartoons, but based completely around bingo and gambling for ingame credits.

Featuring well designed continents from around the world that come with famous landmarks and a couple of international stereotypes, you will definitely get a kick out of this games style.

How to Play

It’s pretty easy to play with this app, it’s got a simple setup as all you have to do is play bingo, so if you’re familiar with the mechanics of bingo then you should be fine.

You just watch the numbers appear and then you daub them off on your card, it’s pretty simple. Also, if at any point you miss a number you can check the big board that will also be daubing off numbers that were drawn to keep yourself right.

There are 108 games across multiple continents that you can try out and you can replay each game as often as you like. Each game in this app is a 75 ball bingo game and they play out relatively fast so it shouldn’t take you long to unlock a couple of areas on the Bingo Trip app map.

You can have up to four cards at a time for this game and they cost you tickets that you can either earn for free or buy using in-app micro-transactions.

There’s also power ups you can use to alter your game like double payouts, extra daubers, a spotter for numbers and a boost to your current power ups to give them a little extra kick.

As the games are playing out you will be able to pick up souvenirs after each game to remind you of your adventures. You can also share items with friends over Facebook and for every friend you invite into the game you will be given free coins.

It’s a fantastic little app that’s easy to play, has a lovely design and will provide you with hours of entertainment. If you need a new free mobile bingo app then you can’t go wrong with this one!

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