Bingo Strategy

With most games in life, you can usually find yourself doing well by adopting a certain strategy or technique in order to succeed or win overall. With online bingo however, this is a bit different. There are many ways to win depending on what game you are playing, and there aren’t necessarily any guaranteed strategies to help you win.

However there are certain tips and techniques which can help you improve your game and minimise your losses.

Rules for winning

Firstly, before you try and adopt or create a bingo strategy, you need to know how to win at bingo. For some people this may be fairly obvious, but as there are several versions of the game, it pays to know the differences and how this can affect your win.

90 ball bingo – In this traditional UK version of bingo, there are usually 3 prizes awarded per game. The first is the 1 line prize, awarded to the first player to fill up a complete line on their card. The second is two lines which is similarly awarded, this time to the person who’s first to complete 2 lines on a single card. The last, and biggest, prize is the full house, which is awarded to whoever fills their whole card first.

75 ball bingo – With the US version of the game, players often have to cover their whole card in order to win. In different varieties of 75 ball bingo however, there may be a special pattern necessary to win on, such as the numbers that form an ‘L’ shape on your card. In addition, some games also offer single line prizes, which you can claim for covering horizontal, vertical or diagonal line first.

1TG and 2TG prizes – Additional prizes can be awarded for players who are just wanting on either 1 ball or 2 balls to win, when the full house prize is claimed. These aren’t offered on every bingo game, but it’s a great way to try and increase your odds of winning a prize.

How to help your chances of winning

Although bingo is a game of chance, with balls called out at random, there are things you can do or look out for to help your chances of winning. Although there’s no set online bingo strategy to adopt, here are a few things you can try:

BOGOF Bingo tickets – If you can find a site with either BOGOF bingo tickets, or a BOGOF room, you can increase your chances of winning by getting double the tickets at half the cost to you! This is because you’ll get one bingo ticket free for every one you purchase.

No Lose Games – These types of games are rare finds, giving players the opportunity to buy tickets at no risk to them. Basically if you spend £5 on tickets in a no lose game, and you don’t win any of the listed prizes for that game, you will be refunded the cash you spent on tickets. This means you technically still win something back, even if it just puts you into the equal position you were in before.

1TG and 2TG games – 1TG and 2TG games are great as they offer that extra chance to win, even if you just miss out on the jackpot. The best part is that 1TG and 2TG prizes are usually awarded to all of the players in that position when a full house or coverall win is called, so your odds of winning are higher than average.

Max tickets – If it’s within your budget, you can buy max tickets for bingo games in order to dramatically increase your chances of winning. This is often capped at 96 cards per game, meaning it’s almost impossible not to win something!

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