Bingo Sites with Chat Games

The best thing about playing online bingo, apart from being able to bag huge prizes, is the fact that some games come with fun chat games you can try out to take home extra prizes. They’re always a highlight of the night for players and they can provide great rewards!

What Are Chat Games?

Chat games are pretty straightforward to understand, they’re basically short mini-games that cost you nothing to play and involve the chat window that the majority of bingo rooms come with.

These free bingo chat games are absolutely brilliant as they can play in the background of a game or even in-between games to help keep you entertained during the break between sessions. Also, unlike ordinary bingo games they come with an assortment of prizes that can be anything from cash prizes to loyalty points or special deposit codes to use on the site.

What Is the Usual Chat Etiquette?

If you’ve never experienced these online bingo chat games, then there’s a few things you should know about the etiquette before you go in.

To start off, just approach it like you would any social situation, with a modicum of respect and common sense. Remember that those names on the screen area real people, so talk to them in the same way you would in real life.

Also, try to gauge the personalities of the people in the room before you make any jokes as you could unintentionally offend or upset people. Some chat rooms will also ban anyone that uses capital language, chat spamming or harsh language, so just be aware of what you’re typing when you’re there.

A good tip is to sit in the game quietly for a while and watch what other people are saying before you join in on the conversation, that way you make a good impression to the other players.

What Is Chat Lingo?

Whilst you’re sitting in these bingo games you will find people using certain terms and phrases, this is what they call ‘Chat Lingo’ and we’ve picked out a few examples that you might see in these rooms.

1: GL = Good Luck!

2: GLe1 = Good Luck Everyone!

3: 1TG = One To Go.

4: WTG = Way To Go!

5: TUVM = Thank You Very Much!

Sites with the Best Bingo Chat Games

You will find chat games on almost every bingo site out there, instead of spending hours hunting around for a good one to use, we’ve picked out a few sites with the best bingo chat games that you can try out.

Wink Bingo:

Not only do they have some great chat games, this site will also give you a 250% bonus for a first deposit of £10. Plus, after that first top up you will be able to claim up to £1,000 from their prize wheel.

Bingo Hollywood:

This fun LA inspired bingo site will give you tons of great chat games whenever you play bingo, plus they have a 500% bonus, 1,000 Star Points and seven days of free bingo waiting for you when you deposit.

Lucky Touch Bingo:

Lucky Touch Bingo have some of the best chat games around. Plus, when you sign up you can claim £10 free. Then, for your first three deposits you will pick up a 500%, 350% and 300% deposit bonus.

Chat games really are the best thing about online bingo, they have some great prizes to pick up and you will also enjoy playing them. So if you’re looking to get a little extra from your bingo sites then try out their chat games!

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