Bingo Site Gamification

As a bingo player, you’ll always be looking for ways to refresh your time online. When you’re playing your favourite games, it’s a good idea to play with sites that have gamification elements on there. Join us as we take you through these terms and what they mean!

Our Picks for Best Gamification Sites

If you want to play on sites that display this concept, then you can look for:

WTG Bingo – This bingo site is all about treating yourself! Their story gives the site a bit of character and helps it to stand out.

Big Tease Bingo – This site is a bit cheeky and fun, with loads of characters dotted around to get to know.

Lucky Cow Bingo – Head on down to the farm with this site, as they sport a bright cartoon theme and loads of gamified promotions.

Top Dog Slots – Enjoy top notch games, a fun theme and great promos intended to make this site really pop.

Before you play on these sites, ensure you read the T&Cs of each.

What is Gamification?

If this is a brand new term for you then don’t worry, as we’re here to explain it all! All this means is that these gamification sites find ways to engage and entertain their players. This could be by making it a bit of an adventure or adding in new elements that make it feel more like a game. We also see a lot of bingo sites creating a story, behind their origins or mascot.

Games on the site can also contain elements of levelling up or additional story points, which players can unlock as they go on.

Why Gamify a Site?

As you probably know, there are lots of bingo sites out there for players to pick from! In order for sites to be able to make it in this competitive industry, they have to offer something different. Bingo site gamification can give them the edge by keeping things exciting, bringing in new players, making players want to stick around and just adding more to the site.

Ways to Gamify a Site

There are hallmarks of these gamification websites that you’ll see on many of them. Here are some of the ways they can make this happen:

  • Mega Reel/Turbo Reel/Super Wheel – These elements of a site can act as an incentive for players to really get involved. Spinning the wheel often contains an element of a challenge, like unlocking it, and the prizes are anyone’s guess.
  • Tourneys – Becoming a part of a tournament can also be quite fun for players, as you get to play as a team against others. This is exactly the kind of fun competitive players look for.
  • Trophies – Unlocking trophies via achievements can also be quite exciting for players, as they get to achieve something and then be rewarded for it.
  • Chat Teams and Challenges – Again, being part of a team can be a big draw for social or competitive gamers. Chatting to others and playing in challenges are great ways to win.
  • Multiplayer Games – Playing with others as well as against them in multiplayer games can up the ante for users.
  • Gamified Slots – Slot games with elements of gamification, like levels and story lines, can naturally make players want to come back for more.
  • Leaderboard – Is there anything better than getting up to the top of a leaderboard? As you make your way up the leaderboard, you’re motivated to be a winner!
  • Site Itself – The design and theme of a site can really make it exciting for players, with characters and themes that motivate players.
  • VIP and Loyalty – Gaining points and VIP perks can be seen as a gamification element in itself. This allows players to stay motivated to spend more and stick around on a site.
  • Social Interaction – Being able to chat to others can add yet more to the site, as social interaction is great among players.
  • Social Media Community – Building a community on social media is an essential element of gamblification. Competitions, games and engagement can be great for players to get involved in.

Gamification Slots

Some of the top games out there are gamification slots as they actually motivate players to unlock levels and get into the storylines. Top examples include:

Witchcraft Academy

NetEnt really are the masters of creating this kind of game, as loads of their slots have an element of gamification. For Witchcraft Academy, it’s all about the storyline, as you play along with two students exploring the academy. Even the bonus rounds have a gamification element as you continue your exploration.

Cloud Quest

As you play through this game, you get to level up your character and get bigger perks. The more you play, the further you progress and the more you can unlock. It will even save your progress in between games so you can pick it up back where you left off. This means you can keep progressing through the levels as you come back for more.

Game of Thrones

This game is based on the popular series and really puts players in on all of the action. This is a great way for players to get accustomed to the game and feel like their choices actually have an impact. As we go through the game, the different house choices change elements of the game, like the bonus features. If you’re looking for a game that goes above and beyond then this is it for sure.


As players, we’re getting ever more demanding in the themes and games that we want to see. We love gamified sites because they give us more bang for our buck and make us want to come back for more.

As a whole, we may see this trend becoming more and more prominent, as sites seek to stand out. We hope this article has helped you to understand more about this concept, feel free to bookmark it and come back any time you need a refresher!

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