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Please, Pretty Please Bingo?

Sites like BingoPlease
There are a million sites like… once you get past the homepage this site has the same prizes and games as the other 99 Dragonfish powered bingo websites. Why not try something bigger and better? Caesars Bingo has the same 200% free but comes with palatial prizes too :D. Sign up here!

Bingo Please claims to be the politest bingo site at the party. No elbows on this bingo table, no speaking with its bingo mouth full and plenty of please bingo and thank you very much too!

But who wants to play online bingo politely? The places I’ve had most fun at have always been the no deposit bingo sites with the naughtiest players and the cheekiest chat rooms! Still if you are particularly fond of minding your Ps and Qs then maybe this place is for you…

Bingo Please Basics

The launch was fairly uneventful – imagine a party without alcohol, just cups of tea and cakes! That’s what you get at a polite bingo site apparently ;). Here are the prim and proper specifics:

  • 200% bingo welcome bonus – you will need to deposit and give your card details to see any sign of this
  • Tiny weeny free bingo prizes every day
  • 10p gets you a cheeky chance at winning £100 guaranteed every night at 8:45
  • Get 50% extra free every time you deposit.

It’s all very nice, isn’t it huns? But where’s the excitement!? (Note: the excitement is mostly happening at the new bingo sites due in 2012 ;).)

Review of

In the end all the tiny little details don’t matter much if you’re having a good time. Now I know where I have a good time – it’s at sites like JackpotJoy and Ceasers where the chat hosts just sort of seem a little bit more normal :?.

At least it has chat rooms but then so do almost all bingo sites online these days. Tbh huns, if you’re looking for a site that has something unique or special to offer players then I would look elsewhere.

But if you know what you want and you know it begins with bingo and ends with please then who am I to get in your way! You can sign up @ PleaseBingo here.


JJ xx

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