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Many of us are continually trying to find new ways to entertain ourselves. Going to a bingo hall is a great way to spend time but it can be costly. Did you know that with the help of bingo number generator apps, you can now throw your very own bingo parties? These great little apps provide you with your very own in-house bingo caller. This means you can throw a party with your friends to your exact specifications. Try something new. Plan a bingo party for you and your friends and play for real cash or for fun. We’re here to give you the lowdown on the best bingo number generator apps to make sure your night lives up to expectations!

Bingo Caller Apps

Bingo Caller Free by SyGem Software

This bingo caller app is great for Android mobile users. Unfortunately, it does not currently support other software formats such as Apple iPhone. The app takes less than 3 minutes to download so you’ll be up and running pretty quickly! Once it’s downloaded, Bingo Caller Free can be used to call for both 75 ball and 90 ball bingo varieties. You can even increase the call speed if you wish to play a game of speed bingo! Whether you wish to include short US style calls or full UK calls, this app has you covered. You can even make use of TTS bingo calls. The game has a manual advance mode so you can set the speed at your own pace which is especially useful if you’re playing with younger children. If the adverts on the free version of the app are bugging you, upgrade to the no-advert version which is also available on Amazon.

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Free Bingo Caller by Spicy Wigwam

For Apple users, this free bingo caller app has been developed to ensure your bingo games go without a hitch. The app can be downloaded from the App Store on any Apple device. Unfortunately, this is only compatible with Apple so Android and other software users will not be able to utilise it. Free Bingo Caller is totally free to use and provides a fully voiced bingo caller for both 75 and 90 bingo games. You won’t be able to change the call speed on this one, so younger players may have a hard time keeping up!

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Bingo Number Generator by Anish

This caller app is compatible with all devices. Use Bingo Number Generator to play 30 ball mini bingo, 75 ball bingo, 80 ball UK bingo or even 90 ball bingo. It’s an extremely versatile app that’s simple to use. Download for free from Google Play store. You’ll be able to repeat calls and fast forward at your own speed.

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What makes a good call generator?

When looking for an online bingo caller app, make sure that it is first compatible with the software you intend to use it on. As you can see from the above apps, not all are compatible with every format. Plan which type of bingo you are planning to play and ensure that your caller app supports this. If you’re playing bingo to a younger audience, it’s probably best to use an app that lets you set your speed manually. An app which set calls too quickly might confuse young players.

How to throw a bingo party at home?

When throwing any type of event, it’s always a good idea to make a list of the items you’ll need. For bingo parties, this includes the aforementioned bingo caller apps. Once you’ve got this covered, you’ll then have to source bingo cards. Decide on a theme. If you’re incorporating a theme, you may want to reflect this in the bingo cards you use. Themed bingo cards can be a great way to boost the fun factor! Are you playing for cash or just for fun? If playing for cash, remember to tell your friends to bring a set fee ad buy some casino chips. Other than this, be sure to bring plenty of refreshments for your guests!

Bingo night parties can be a great way to have fun. Give it a go today and be the host that everyone wants know.

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