Loyalty Schemes on Bingo Sites

Everyone at some point has signed up or taken part in a loyalty scheme to get that little bit extra from the brand, store or company they love.

It’s a program that’s incredibly popular, but for those who have never signed up or don’t know what one is then don’t worry, we’re here to help.

What Is A Loyalty Scheme?

A loyalty scheme is a program by which a brand or company gives back to its members by allowing them to trade in loyalty points they’ve accrued for a bonus.

In the case of retail stores this is usually money off for a weekly shop or a set amount off a specific item like a CD, video game or appliance.

With Bingo sites, the bingo loyalty scheme involves Bingo loyalty points that are usually exchanged for cash, bonuses (such as spin the wheel), free spins or a chance to move up levels if the site has a VIP scheme available.

The whole idea of them is that the more money and time you invest in your favourite brand or site the more you’ll get back in return for your loyalty, it’s a great system that is incredibly popular with customers worldwide.

Which Sites Use Them

There are countless websites that offer their members access to their own loyalty or VIP scheme.

However, rather than have you crawl through countless webpages trying to find the best one for you, we’ve came up with a small selection of what we think are the best ones to start out on.

Bright Bingo:

Bright Bingos loyalty program works on an experience point system. So for every £1 spent on Bingo games you’ll receive 1XP and the more points you have the more prizes you can get.

In the same way in which you level up a character in a video game, the loyalty bonus works on a series of levels, with each level having a different set of bonuses available.

From the basic Green at level one to the middle Red at level 31 to 40 before finally maxing out at level 81 to 90.

At the bottom levels you can expect to receive reload bonuses, freebies and birthday bonuses.

But at the higher levels you’ll start to receive fantastic prizes like VIP freebies, free spins either every month or every week, exclusive merchandise and your very own account manager. [Full Review]

Elf Bingo:

This site uses a Bingo VIP club/ VIP scheme; this has five levels ranging from Member at the bottom to Black at the top.

Every level you climb will grant access to greater bonuses like higher re-deposit bonuses, cashback, mystery gifts and even exclusive access to games and VIP jackpots. [Full Review]

Bingo Hollywood:

Bingo Hollywood’s loyalty program works using a set of star points and levels. The bottom level is the cubic star level and the maximum is the Diamond Star VIP Member.

Each level has its own bonuses from extra match bonuses, birthday bonuses, holiday bonuses, access to unique prize rooms and even priority access to exclusive VIP rooms.

To climb the levels all you have to do is deposit into your account and once your total deposit amount reaches a certain size you will climb a level. [Full Review]

Lucky Touch Bingo:

Lucky Touch’s scheme uses loyalty points, the more points you have with Lucky Touch the larger your bonus on all deposits made will be.

The lowest bonus you can have is 100% and that’s at the silver member level, but once you get to the top SVIP level you’ll be able to claim a massive 250% bonus on all of your future deposits. [Full Review]

Worth Consideration

Although some of these sound worth signing up for, you may want to consider the terms and conditions of these bonuses first because quite often with these schemes you’ll end up pouring more money in than you’ll get out.

Also a lot of these websites have a cap on how much you can withdraw, so you may use your points to get a huge return on your deposit, but you might not be able to withdraw it all at once if at all.

Basically before you sign up, take a minute to read the small print.

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