Bingo Callers Upset Two UK Players

A sad aspect of time marching on is that we are gradually deprived of the incredible heroes who fought wars to ensure the protection of their family friends. Even sadder, though, is when you hear the heart-breaking stories of the survivors who are still living but being swindled by lesser members of society.

One such story is that of 89-year-old veteran Ken Dawson, who was swindled out of his savings by a now former bingo caller. Dawson had befriended 53-year-old Pau Youngs and remained friends even after the swindler has been barred from their local social club. The war hero had mistakenly trusted the conman and brought him into his life.

The barring led to Dawson, a former rifleman who served in Burma, to try and give Youngs a second chance. In doing so, he helped him to buy a car and always made sure that he had enough food. All Dawson asked in return was that Youngs would help to carry the pensioner’s weekly food shopping home – a more than reasonable request.

Dawson trusted Youngs to the extent that he even game him his credit card. This turned out to be the biggest mistake as Youngs stole £150 a week over a four-month period. In the end, Dawson discovered that Youngs had helped himself to £1,800 of his precious savings.

There is a silver lining in that justice has been served to the former bingo caller, who was recently sentenced to serve 12 weeks in prison for his horrible behaviour to the great grandfather. Speaking of which, we can only hope that Mr Dawson settles down with to spend time with family and indulge in some carefree games of bingo.

Man Misses Out on £10k Jackpot

At one time or another, we’ve all likely considered the frightening prospect of a bingo caller not hearing us when we shout house! Well, this became a reality for poor Ronald Price, who was denied a £10,000 bingo jackpot because it was said that he did not call house loud enough.

Mr Price was attending the Winners Bingo hall in Wisbech when the incident occurred. He had managed to complete a line with a fifth number, at which point he raised his hand into the hair to call house. A number checker saw Mr Price and went over to verify the win, but the bingo caller carried on obliviously. Following the incident, the caller stated that he didn’t hear the shout.

Incredibly, the checker was proceeding to the table with a microphone. Mr Price’s wife was jumping up and down and also shouting – nearby players were also shouting to say that Mr Price that won. In spite of all the commotion, the caller maintains that he never head the winning call and awarded it to the next player.

Perhaps this is all down to a silly mistake, but Mr Price also fell victim to a similar incident in 2013. At that time, the club paid him £1,000 in winnings. Mr Price and his wife have been playing at club three times a week since 2006.

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