Bingo Bonuses Explained

When you’re playing bingo online, you’ll probably be coming up against plenty of different types of bingo bonuses. This article is all about bonuses; the types, the T&Cs and more, so stick with us to learn everything you ever wanted to know about them.

Sites Offering the Best Bonuses

If you want to see these bonuses in action then we recommend you check out the following sites:

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T&C's apply.


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Just double check the terms and conditions of a site before you start to play there.

Different types of Bingo Bonuses

Now that we’ve covered the best places to play, let’s take a look at the most common bonuses:

Free Bingo

Free bingo is a feature of many sites, though how you get your hands on it may differ from site to site. Some sites offer a newbie room, which you can access for a set amount of time without depositing. You may also be offered free bingo as a funded roomie or tickets to jackpot games when you deposit.

The main terms and conditions that you need to think of when playing free bingo are how the winnings are dished out. In many free games, these will be given as bonus funds but that’s not always the case. Generally, all the details you need will be in the terms of the promotion.

No Deposit Bonus

For a no deposit bonus, all players usually need to do is sign up and authenticate your account. This may involve adding your card details to a site, though no money will be taken. The big pro of this is this bonus is that you get to try out the site, but you’re not a fully funded player so don’t get to go everywhere on the site.

Wagering requirements can be high on these bonuses though and you may be required to deposit before you can withdraw anything.

Free Spins

With free spins bonuses, you have a set amount of games to play on a certain game. These come with hefty terms and conditions, as they usually specify which games you can play on, how much you can win and what each spin is worth.

Because these can be seen as restrictive, some players prefer playing with funds, as they are in control of how and where they spend them.

1st Deposit Bonus

first deposit bonus is generally a bingo bonus given to players for signing up on a site. This is given as a percentage which will act upon the amount that you deposit. This is the standard on most sites, so it’s not the most imaginative.

It does give you extra funds to play with though, which is something we’re usually fans of. It’s like a no deposit bonus but you can use your cash to play games you can’t play with bonus funds, like progressive jackpot games. There are maximum and minimum limits for these bonuses, so you’ll want to check these out.

Re-Deposit Bonus

On deposits other than your first, you may get bonus codes or an automatic top up of your deposit. These are great for players that want to get extra value from a site and can do so for much longer than a first deposit bonus. Wagering requirements will apply, as well as the same limits that apply to other bonuses.


This type of bingo with bonuses is calculated based on how much you have spent and usually gives you a percentage bonus. This is good for high rollers and frugal players alike, as you’ll get something back for wagering. Not all sites have this type of bonus though, so you’ll want to find one that does.

General terms and conditions, such as wagering requirements and maximum limits do apply though.

Spin The Wheel

This is a type of offer that’s increasing in popularity, as more players become aware of it. This can be a bit more exciting than a straight bonus, as there are usually varying degrees of bonuses to be won. This may not suit players that just want a set deposit bonus, as it can be more volatile.

What’s Next for Bingo Bonuses?

We wold argue that the UK online bingo market is very much in a state of transition. This is due to a number of legislative changes that are due to take effect in the coming months and many bingo operators are already reacting to these changes. We are going to look at how bingo bonuses could change in the coming months.

New Advertising Restrictions

There has been real scrutiny on the online gambling industry recently with regards to the ways in which online gambling products are marketed. Specifically, there is the idea that online gambling operators are not doing enough to ensure that their content is not advertised to minors.

This has led to new advertising guidelines being set out by the UK government and there are some key points that could affect bingo operators most of all. Basically, bingo operators and networks are now going to have to make extra efforts to ensure that their products and services are not being advertised to kids.

We are already beginning to see the effects of this legislation on the bingo market and some of the more cartoonish sites are having to redesign their websites and brands. A lot of sites will now require you to create an account and login before you will be able to view their games, features and offers.

Changes to Taxation on Bonuses

This is a big one and one of the primary reasons that bingo bonuses have been changing so dramatically over the last few months. This trend is set to continue and this is basically due to new UK taxation laws coming into effect. Essentially, this makes it more expensive for a bingo operator or network to offer bonus cash to a player.

This change affects welcome bonuses, free bingo bonuses, reload bonuses and all forms of matched deposit. As a result, we are beginning to see a lot of bingo operators revise their own policies and many have removed their no deposit bonuses and matched deposits altogether.

Instead, we are beginning to see many bingo operators offer free spins for various slots as their new welcome package. This may frustrate a lot of players due to the lack of bingo bonuses being offered but other operators are simply offering bingo tickets for specific jackpot games when the player makes the relevant opening deposits.

This means that there are still plenty of welcome offers to consider but the no deposit bonus, in particular, is rapidly becoming a thing of the past. However, that does not mean that you should not consider switching sites as there is still value to be had. The main advantage is that bingo operators are going to have to be more creative in their offers for new players.

Greater Transparency for Bonuses & Offers

Another development relates to the transparency surrounding bingo bonuses 2018 and offers. Recently, we have seen numerous fines handed out by the UK Gambling Commission to a number of online gambling operators for a number of offences. The common theme here is that these operators are not communicating with their customers effectively.

Specifically, some bingo and casino operators are not adequately explaining the terms and conditions that are associated with their bonuses and offers. This is leading to some customer misunderstanding the offers that they are claiming and becoming out of pocket as a result.

This means that unclear wagering rules or bonus policies are no longer acceptable and many bingo operators have stepped up and taken notice of the UKGC’s latest efforts to crack down on poor offers. This means that a lot of networks are now simplifying some of their offers to make it easier for players to understand what they are claiming.

Even better, we are beginning to see a lot of sites loosen their own wagering rules and bonus policies. Ultimately, the player is the one to benefit from this development and there are even bingo networks now going live that have no wagering rules associated with their sites and brands at all.

Indeed, we are starting to see a lot more bingo games with no wagering and even online slots with no wagering either. While you may not be able to claim as many new bingo bonuses as before, the lowering of wagering requirements is allowing players to win big and withdraw their winnings.

Of course, you need to be aware of which games are wagering-free so be sure to read the terms and conditions carefully and then you will be in a good position to try out these games for the first time. Despite there being low to no wagering rules you will need to meet the minimum withdrawal limit before you will be able to withdraw.

Benefits for the Player!

As you can see from this section, there are plenty of things to think about with regards to bingo bonuses and the market is very much in a state of transition. To us, this means that it is more important than ever before to select your online bingo environment carefully and some players will hold off switching sites until things have settled down.

However, this does not mean that you cannot switch site, it simply means you should consider the points above if you’re planning on switching with the aim of claiming some bonuses. Our advice would be to try out some of the no wagering games that are growing in stature across the bingo market.

These can offer a real chance at not only winning but being able to withdraw those winnings as soon as you have won. Many players who have never experienced a significant win before are beginning to try out these games. However, for those that are still going to play standard games, we are going to discuss how wagering requirements are calculated.

What Are Wagering Requirements And How Are They Calculated?

Wagering requirements are often seen as the bane of the bingo world, as no one likes to be limited. They apply to how many times you must wager your bonus before it turns into cash, which can vary from 1x to hundreds.

This figure can always be seen on the promo page of a site and in their general terms and conditions. Just apply the number to your bonus to find out how much you need to wager.

Bingo Bonuses Vs. Bingo Promotions – What Are The Differences?

Bingo bonuses can come along as part of a bingo promotion, but in general the latter is much more diverse. Bingo promotions may be built to give out bingo bonuses but they can also do other things too; like give out free bingo tickets, cash or gadgets.

Now that you know your first deposit bonuses from your cashback, it’s time to get online and claiming offers for yourself. As long as you bear the T&Cs in mind you’ll have an ace time.

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