Bingo 3x

Whether you’re looking for the three times the amount of fun, three times the number of bingo bonuses you get at most sites or three times as much big jackpot excitement, Bingo 3x is for you!

Review of New Bingo Site from 3x

Bingo 3x began life in Spring 2012 with the kind of buzz that every new site dreams of but few actually manage to achieve. The reason, as you might have guessed, is threefold!

  1. Its new player bingo bonuses are brilliant;
  2. Its free money bingo games are abundant; and
  3. Its guaranteed prizes are fabulous!

Here’s a quick look at each of these in turn:

1. New Player Bonuses

At most new bingo sites you can get a decent sign up bonus when you register and first deposit £10. But that’s often where the free bingo money ends. Not so at! Here’s how it is managing to wow new players with its three-way bonus package:

  1. Get a free £5 Amazon voucher to spend on anything you fancy in the fabulous Amazon online shopping centre
  2. Receive double your first deposit in free bingo money that you can spend on any bingo games you feel like!
  3. Plus get one free ticket for a £1,500 monthly prize draw!

New bingo sites don’t come much more exciting than this :D. And whenever they do arrive in 2013 you can be sure I will let you know at :-).

2. Free Games

Whether you want to play free bingo without depositing or have made a deposit and want to make sure you get your money’s worth, Bingo 3x has triple the free fun for you!

  • Funded players can participate in free bingo games every afternoon in Bingo3x .com’s special “Free Bingo Funded” room. There are four games every hour and a total of 13 in three fabulous hours from 4pm until 7. With £10 up for grabs each game that’s £130 every day!
  • Fun players that haven’t yet deposited can still try their luck by heading to the Free for All room at 7am and staying there for a full 12 hour stint! If you manage not to get distracted the whole day then you could take part in a fabulous 90 free bingo games with £1 pot in each. Not the easiest way to make money (and I’m not sure how long Bingo 3x will put up with that kind of behaviour either!).

Read more about how to play bingo for free, no deposit required, in my special guide.

3. Triple the Excitement

If the fabulous bingo sign up bonus and free bingo games haven’t wowed you then there’s a third trick up the 3x bingo sleeves – huge guaranteed bingo prizes. These may take the form of guaranteed cash jackpots or special non-cash surprises too.

At any given moment there will always be something exciting happening at Right now there are at least three fantastic special features:

  1. The Bingo Olympics – win a trip for a family of four to the Floridian fantasy land that is the Disney theme park.
  2. Play in the Choose Shoes room to win free tickets for the Bingo Olympics game and a £100 shopping voucher.
  3. £1,500 guaranteed every Friday at 10pm

And don’t get me started on the PJPs and coveralls! Head to the Chatterbox room every evening from 6:15pm to play for a half hourly progressive bingo jackpot.

Good luck ppl!!!

JJ xxx

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