Best Looks for a Bingo Night Out

Bingo has come a long way over the past few years; the stereotype of ‘a game that little old blue-rinsed ladies like to play’ has pretty much been blown out of the water at this stage (especially with the introduction of things like mobile and online bingo gaming). These days it’s enjoyed by young and old alike, but did you know there are a number of themed bingo nights hosted all over the UK? No matter how eccentric you are you’re guaranteed to find an event you’ll enjoy, with different events bringing something new to the old game.

Here’s an example of three different types of bingo nights that you’re able to attend, and the kind of thing you could wear for each of them. Tired of the same nights in the same places? Then give one of these a try!

Drag Bingo

drag bingo outfit

What do you get when you cross a drag show with bingo?… Drag Bingo of course! But as a female, what do you wear to a night like this? Drag is all about over the top, full on glamour and exaggerated femininity; the drag artists will be dressed up to the nines with full costume and makeup. While of course you don’t want to be quite as exaggerated as the drag artists, now is definitely the time that you can dress a little flashy with the chance to have fun with your look. I’d go for a cocktail dress, sparkly accessories, big hair and red lips. If you’ve ever bought a dress or piece of makeup that’s a bit ‘out there’ and have wondered to yourself when you’ll ever wear it… now is the time!

Rebel Bingo

rebel bingo outfit

Rebel bingo is essentially a clubbing/ bingo hybrid. If you’re bored with the same old nightclub scene this definitely sounds like one to try, forget the fusty old bingo halls- this involves an on-stage show, amazing prizes and loud music. So dressing for Rebel bingo isn’t too different to dressing for a nightclub, it’s a sexy/glamorous kind of party look. Something like a bodycon dress with a statement necklace, paired with bold smokey eyes and nude lips. I’ve gone with wedge boots for this look because they’re a bit kinder on the feet than heels- perfect for when you’re dancing/ standing at the stage all night!

Musical Bingo

musical bingo outfit

Over the summer Musical Bingo are hosting a festival inspired tour, and so getting your best boho look on would be ideal for this one. Kimonos, floaty dresses, flower crowns and gold temporary tattoos are always popular festival choices. Depending on where the festival is being held (and the weather) you might need to invest in a trusty pair of wellies if sandals aren’t an option, but the rest of your attire should be all about the summery pieces! Of course your outfit choice for musical bingo would depend on the kind of event they were running, but I think festival inspired bingo sounds like such an unusual and fun idea.

So go on and bingo it up in style!

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