Best Bingo Sites to Win Money – Is There Such a Thing?

All bingo playing fanatics want to know the secret to winning the big cash jackpots, and whether there are certain sites which will help them on their quest to win big! Most players are not only looking to see what great promotions they can take advantage of, but also what their odds are of winning. Of course, it’s not all about what sites you play on, it’s also what games you pick and the strategy you decide to choose. However, playing on the best bingos sites to win on, will of course only improve your chances.

Here are our two favourite bingo sites that advertise some fantastically high payout rates and welcome offers:

Lucky Cow Bingo

New players are offered up to 500 Free Spins on Fluffy Favourites, Temple of Isis, or Shaman’s Dream slots when making an initial £10 first deposit.

T&C's apply.

Cheers Bingo

One of the cheeriest bingo sites in the biz welcomes you with up to 500 free spins! JJ investigates just what makes this site so cheerful – read on. more ›

T&C's apply.

Can You Really Tell if a Site Has a High Percentage of Winning?

This is the money maker question isn’t it? When you think about it, wouldn’t everyone be on the same bingo site if it was that easy to tell which offered the highest percentage of winning?

Payout rates in gambling, which is also known as Return to Player (RTP,) is, of course, an important criterion for players as everyone wants to be getting the most bang for their buck and increase their chances of winning as much as they possibly can. Evidently, the higher the payout rate, the higher the chance the player has of winning back their cash, plus a little extra for their pocket. Players can normally find this information in the Terms and Conditions section.

Unfortunately, with bingo, this percentage is harder to calculate as it is based on numerous variables such as how much is available to win, how many tickets a player has bought, and the price of a bingo ticket, therefore every bingo game will have numerous RTP’s. Normally, because these payout rates are not entirely reliable bingo sites do not publish the RTP. We would suggest judging bingo games against other bingo games to determine which pay out more, as this will give a more realistic comparison.

However, slots and casino games are an entirely different matter and RTP’s are more commonly published for these, so if you are looking to play these other games on bingo sites rather than bingo itself, it is a good idea to check out the sites RTP to see the best bingo sites to win money on!

Is There Such a Thing as a Winning Bingo Strategy?

There are definitely strategies you can implement to substantially improve your chances of winning, although of course nothing is guaranteed when gambling! Here a few of our tips and trick to influence your chance of winning:

  • The less competition, the better! Choose a bingo room with as few players as possible, which may mean playing in rooms that are not offering as much money, but all those smaller sums of money can really add up if you are consistently winning. Bingo sites will inform players of how many players are currently in a room, so choose wisely if you want a near guaranteed win!
  • Play several cards at the same time, as the more cards you play with, obviously, the higher chances you have of winning.
  • Make sure you are clued up on the laws of probability, as the wider the selection of high, low, odd and even numbers you choose, the more likely they are to be picked. Have you ever heard of a winner with consecutive numbers?
  • Try to test out your strategy in free bingo rooms to start you off, then you can determine how good the RTP of the site is and the best strategy to take before you start wagering your hard earned cash.

Your chances of winning on different bingo sites are not substantially different, like we said it depends more on what game you decide to go for and your strategy rather than a specific bingo site, however, it cannot do any harm to go with a bingo site that offers a high RTP and we would always recommend doing your research before picking a bingo site, particularly if you are looking to play slots! Check out Lucky Cow Bingo and Cheers Bingo as we think these are some of the best bingo sites to win on.

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