The Complete List of Beach Bag Essentials

With the summer holiday season basically on our doorsteps, holiday planning is on everyone’s minds and packing the perfect amount of essentials and leaving the unnecessary items at home can be a hard task leaving you sat on your suitcase an hour before you leave, praying the zip will magically close. So to make things easier for you, I have put together a complete list of beach bag essentials, perfect for a long day at the beach!

Beach bag

Items to protect yourself

First up, one of the most important essentials, sun protection. The appeal of going away and worshiping the sun 9-5 and returning home with a golden tan is the dream, however whilst it is nice to pick up a bit of colour it is also super important to invest in a decent sun cream with a good amount of SPF. So make sure you have a waterproof suncream in your bag, and if you can, pop in a bottle of aftersun too in case you start to feel a little frazzled.

SPF lip balms are another great essential as they protect lips and ensure you’re not left with cracked, blistered and sunburn lips, ew, pick up a cute coral or peach tinted lip balm with SPF and you are good to go. You also need to make sure to protect your peepers, so a pair of sunglasses (the bigger, the better) or a super chic large floppy hat that can protect your face and eyes and help avoid Rudolph nose syndrome, are beach musts.

A further beach essential is water, and lots of it. If you’re sunbathing you’ll be losing essential salts and water in your sweat so you need to make a conscious effort to make sure you’re drinking enough water. Just make sure you keep it in the shade, otherwise that’ll be some lovely warm water for you, yum yum.

Items for ultimate relaxation

Going away is often the time for ultimate relaxation, so make sure to pack a book and headphones so you can sit back and sink into a world of bliss. Another essential is a packet of playing cards, perfect for playing away time in the airport, on the plane and of course to relax on the beach, and if cards and reading isn’t your thing, how about picking up an adult colouring book? – Perfect for adults and children.

The perfect beach towel

Massive beach towels are the epitome of a beach essential. Opt for a large fluffy towel with a bright design so that you won’t lose your spot on the beach, and the towel itself is huge and fluffy, perfect for sunbathing on and drying off after a dip in the sea! A large towel also means you can fit a few friends on for a little mid afternoon natter as well! Now you’re going to need something to cart around all your beach essentials. Beach trips are the perfect excuse to shop about for the perfect beach bag! Classic straw shopper style bags are always handy, as are bright and patterned tote bags.

Practical essentials

Now for a few super practical essentials. I swear by tissues as a beach essential, as they’re perfect for drips and spills, wiping down your sunbed and for tackling those beach-side toilets…anti-bacterial hand sanitiser for similar reasons and for washing hands when you decide to migrate from the beach to the bar!

The beauty essentials

And whilst you’re at the beach you might as well make the most of sunkissed beachy looks and invest in a good salt spray and leave in conditioner. After going in the water spray your hair with either the leave in conditioner or salt spray (depending on the look you’re going for), finger comb it through and loosely plaiting. You can then unravel your hair later for an ultimate beach babe look!

So there you go, the complete list of beach bag essentials to keep you refreshed and sorted for any beach day!


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