Bar Bar Black Sheep Slot

We love nursery rhyme themed slots and this one has to be up there with the best of them. The Bar Bar Black Sheep slot from Microgaming was initially released as a three reel slot but it proved so popular that they updated it to five reels. This rich game can pay you a massive amount, just keep your fingers crossed!

Best Places To Play

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The first stop in this Bar Bar Black Sheep slot review are the rules of the game, as you’ll need to know these to win. The first step is to place a bet, which is simple enough when you use the controls under the reels. Then, spin the reels and look for three of a kind on a payline to win.

The multiplier that you’ll get from each symbol will vary and can be found on the paytable. Those are the basic rules, but there are also some special symbols to help you out. These symbols can drastically change your luck on the game and deliver you a massive payout.

Tips and Strategy

If you want to succeed when you play this game, then you really need to look out for the following features:

    • Wild Symbol – This symbol will stand in for all of the regular symbols, meaning that two symbols and one wild will deliver you a win.
    • Free Spins – Watch out for the bag of wool in this game, as three, four or five instances will unlock free spins. You’ll play from 10 to 20 free spins in this bonus round and anything you win will be tripled in value.
  • Bar Bar Black Sheep – This is the best feature of the game and the most rewarding. It is activated when two bar symbols appear next to a black sheep symbol. The symbols will change into a smaller slot game of their own, with each symbol displaying a number from 0 to 9. These will spin and act on your wager, giving you up to 999x your bet.


The design of this game is quite simplistic but charming too. The sheep and other characters are cute little cartoons that take over the reels. Three reel slots are great but this one definitely benefits from those added reels, plus they give you more chances to win too.

This game is one of the best Microgaming slots out there, so we recommend that you give it a go. With a max jackpot of 999x your bet, this one can be highly rewarding too!

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