Back2School Bingo Co UK

Whatever your reasons for going Back to School, bingo online doesn’t get much better than the UK retro funtimes on offer here, and there’s a 200% welcome bonus too… I don’t remember one of those from school!

What’s the Back 2 School Bingo Co UK Password Miss?!

Back2School BingoI’m just joking, you don’t need a secret password to get the best bingo juice from the Back 2 School bus, and no special bingo bonus codes needed either. Just rock up and check out the chalkboard to see what’s happening :).

It’s nice and easy to see how things work at this fairly new site. One of the first things you see is a breakdown of the special bingo bonuses: £1 free, no deposit needed, a 200% free bingo bonus on your first deposit, and 25% on future deposits. It’s not the biggest bonus bundle ever but it’s a good one and it’s nice and clearly explained. If only my teachers at school had been able to explain algebra as clearly!

Despite being one of 2011 newest bingo sites, this is one that is obviously a bit special – how many new bingo sites have a 24-hour freephone contact number?

And how many bingo websites have a link to chat etiquette on their home page? This has to be one of the reasons why the players at Back2School Bingo co UK are so well behaved! Well maybe ;).

Beyond all this schooly bingo smalltalk, Back2School also has a gr8 selection of bingo big jackpot games. Every month there are two games with a total guaranteed jackpot prize of £4,000. And there are one of specials too, like May 2011’s prize draw to win a Wii that will make some lucky mum’s summer a lot easier ;).

So it’s really not so bad going Back to School. Bingo with free bonus doesn’t come much better :).


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