As Seen on TV Bingo

If there’s one thing we’ll never get tired of it’s seeing bingo adverts on the TV. From the stylish to the downright strange these unique ads always manage to instantly catch your attention and keep you focused until the end.

With that in mind we’ve picked out three of the best ones we’ve seen and the offers that they were trying to sell.

Tasty Bingo

First up is in our coverage of as seen on TV bingo offers is Tasty Bingo. Their latest advert is brief but does a great job of getting across their deals main points in a quick and concise manner.

Set inside a fictional Tasty Bingo café this advert is a rather camp and fun food themed advert that fires through the latest offers in a brief little animation that pours out of the onscreen waiters tablet device.

It’s been styled to look like his tablet is a menu and the awesome deals they’ve got on offer are what you can order. They also use words like ‘Spicy’, ‘Takeaway’, ‘For dessert’ and ‘Come and have a taste’ to keep with the food theme.

The actual offer they’ve got available is 5p games, a new 2 Million Sliding Jackpot and a BOGOF deal when you use their mobile app. Plus when you join and deposit £10 you’ll be able to play with £40, that’s all sold to you in less than 20 seconds, which is rather impressive.

Wink Bingo

Our next bingo as seen on TV offers comes from Wink Bingo. After a site redesign in early December they launched a brand new advert that’s already managed to lodge itself in the deepest recesses of everyone’s brains. It does this by using a catchy jungle of ‘B.I.N.GO’ sang to the tune of the classic ‘D.I.S.C.O’ song.

As you watch what can only be either players or actors dancing inside a range of coloured balls the advert quickly goes through their latest welcome offer. They also briefly mention the fact that they’ve had a redesign in an effort to entice you further into checking out the site.

The actual offer they’ve got available is a welcome offer including a spin the wheel bonus that will give you £50 to play with when you deposit £10.

Bingo Hollywood

Finally there’s Bingo Hollywood, keeping with their Hollywood theme one of their brilliant ads that they launched in 2010 was styled to resemble an awards ceremony. Set within their version of a theatre in LA they have a brief rundown of their offers by two onstage presenters as if they were nominated actors.

So you’ll see their 500% first deposit bingo bonus, goodie bags and a movie premier weekend with each being represented by a female actress either in a dress or in one case being pampered on to subtly hint that this is what you could experience yourself if you won.

They then do the iconic award show shot of a video frame of each person nominated for an award before they turn it on its head and say the winner is ‘You!’ It’s their clever way of saying: ‘You’re a winner if you join us.’

Although worth noting is that the only eligible bonus from that offer is their deposit deal that gives you 500% on top of your first deposit as well as 1,000 star points when you make a top-up of at least £5.

These are just a couple of the standout ads that we’ve seen in gambling industry, there are of course plenty of others but these were our favourite picks out of the proverbial bunch.

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