About Us

So you want to know more about us?  That’s natural – you want to know what makes us so qualified to offer you all of the information that we have on our site!

OK, so I say “we” but really it’s ME – Jackpot Jane – that does all the work for you!  I have many years’ experience in the bingo industry but the one difference between me and all the others out there is that I actually, genuinely do love online bingo! In my many (I shant reveal how many!) years playing the game of bingo online and offline, I have come to know oodles and oodles about the industry, and I don’t just mean who has the best welcome bonus or jackpots.  I can tell the software of a bingo site just by clapping my peepers on the homepage, and because of this I know exactly what will be on offer!  YES – I know it’s impressive!  I open a Virtue Fusion Bingo site and know what bingo games will be on offer, I know the slot games and I know what the welcome bonus is.  I open a Joy of Bingo site and know that there will be an Instant Game of the week, I know that there will most likely be oodles of brand new promotions and again I know what the welcome bonus is!

It is this wealth of experience and knowledge that helps me help you to find the best bonuses and best sites overall, as well as school you on all the very best software providers and what they have to offer you. I am giving my knowledge to you – lucky!

Do you have any questions? Don’t be a stranger – feel free to contact JJ!