1tg, 2tg and 3tg Games

If you want to get your hands on extra chances to win, then playing on games with a 1 to go prize are the answer. These commiseration prizes are excellent and really boost your chances of winning on your favourite sites.

Where We Play 1tg/2tg/3tg Games

To experiment with 1tg bingo games, just head on over to the following sites:

Lucky Touch Bingo – This fun and friendly bingo site has all of the bingo game types that you could ask for, just look in their lobby to find out more.

Lucky Cow Bingo – For a frolicking good time, you should definitely be playing here. Spin the wheel and you might just get some free bingo tickets.

Cheers Bingo – Celebrate with this site and their fantastic bingo jackpots, you’ll love everything that they have to offer.

Terms and conditions apply, read more on site.

What are 1tg, 2tg and 3tg games?

These games are really simple to get to grips with, basically the winner will get their prize but there will also be a communal pot. This pot will be shared between the players that almost got their hands on the jackpot with just one, two or three numbers to go.

In these games, those with 1 to go will usually get the largest share, 2 to go and 3 to go players usually share a bit of a smaller amount. On many sites, you don’t get anything for just being close to the jackpot so this at least lets you win something back.

Everyone’s A Winner

In these games, you don’t need to worry about walking away empty handed as everyone’s a winner. Here are some of our favourite examples of these games:

  • Fortune Fountain: There’s a total prize pool of £500 in this jackpot game, you can play it at Lucky Cow or Lucky Touch Bingo. Just take a chance and you could be sharing one of the 6 prizes on offer.
  • Pay Day: With just a 50p ticket, you’ll be sharing in a £2K jackpot at Cheers Bingo. Their players can look forward to sharing £250 in 1tg, 2tg and 3tg prizes.
  • Friday Fortune: If you’re just waiting on 1tg in this jackpot game then you’ll still get a share of £25, not bad.
  • Fair and Square: Each Wednesday at Cheers Bingo, all of the 1tg and 2tg get a share of a modest £10 prize pool.

Ts and Cs

Just be aware that ‘special’ versions of bingo like this one can have their own T&Cs that are a bit different. The prizes may be given out as bonus funds and on these you may find some rather high wagering requirements. Read the fine print before you go ahead and buy tickets.

Now that you’re an expert in playing this kind of bingo, get out there and have a go! We hope you win the full house, but if not getting your hands on a commiseration prize can be just as fun. Choose wisely and you’ll have a ball.

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