Top Ten Tips for Being on Schedule in the Morning

I don’t know about you, but I’m not a morning person. I struggle to wake up and get up and get on with the day. I am fine when I’m up, but that getting out of bed is a toil. My kids are early risers, no matter when they go to bed. However, no matter how much time you have in the morning, it’s always a rush to get out the door to school, work, nursery, etc. Don’t you agree?

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Having kids means you have to take into account any meltdowns, toilet stops and breakfast disasters. Here are my Top Ten Tips for getting organised in the morning:

1. Have a chart of things that the child has to do in the morning. If the child is under 5 then a picture chart is the way to go. An example will be brush teeth, get dressed, brush hair and make bed.

2. Playing music helps keep kids motivated and gives them an incentive to try to do something before the song has finished, eg. Get dressed, brush teeth, etc. Give it a go yourself, can you beat your favourite song.

3. Help your child pick out his or her outfits for the entire week or at least the night before for the morning. This will save any morning meltdowns of “I want to wear my cat top” for the third morning in a row. This makes them feel a bit more in control.

4. After the dinner dishes are away in the evening, set out the breakfast ones and the cereal if you have that. It will save a lot of time. The kids can do this one.

5. Assign a box or shelf for school items like lunchboxes, shoes and a hook for the bag. Try to get the kids used to putting them back where they got them, no more rummaging about for school bags in the morning. You can do the same for your keys, we know how often they go missing.

6. Pack any bags you need to do the night before, check for letters in your children’s schoolbags and do homework. It’s hard enough getting out the door without having to do homework as well.

7. Make lunches the night before or at least the prep work, chop the salad and put it in bowls. Try to vary lunches so that both you and your children don’t get bored. Bento boxes are simple, fun, health and quicker to make than you think. Have a look online for ideas.

8. Try not to shout and get stressed when things aren’t quite going to plan. This will only make the children get upset and it will take even longer.

9. Give each child job if you have more than one, this will help motivate each other and make them feel like they are helping. One can get the bags ready, one can put the breakfast dishes away, etc.

10. And my most important one, not everything needs to be done in the morning. If your well thought out and timed plan isn’t working quite to schedule one day, that’s ok. The breakfast dishes can stay on the table until that evening, the beds can lay unmade, no one is going to suffer. If it doesn’t NEED to be done, then leave it.

Try these tips, you might need to tweak a few point to suit your family, but hopefully these will help you get organised and out the door quicker in the morning. I’d love to know how you get on or if you have any tips you’d like to share?

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