10 Recycled Container Gardening Ideas

Many people are challenged with the availability of space to plant flowers, plants and herbs in their gardens. Does this sound familiar to you? If so, there are a variety of useful ways that you can save space by effectively utilising items that you have in your home. You can also save a lot of money by incorporating recycled materials into your space-saving projects.

Apart from saving you money and providing your garden with a unique look, using recycled materials creates focal points in your garden that ooze originality. The following are 10 recycled container gardening ideas.

Ideas from the Kitchen

  1. Ice Cream Tubs – When given a good wash, an empty ice cream tub can make for an ideal starter plant container.
  1. Plastic Bottles – Once the top is cut of a plastic bottle, it can make a great placement for a small plant of your choice. You can even add a touch of freshness to your new flowerpot by painting it your favourite colour.
  1. Lunch Boxes – Given their small size, lunch boxes are a perfect nestling place for seedlings and smaller plants.
  1. Porcelain China – Looking for a way to recycle your old set of porcelain china? White jugs or even cups and bowls on a plate can make for very attractive centrepieces. Fill the bowl, cup, or jug with herbs, trailing ivy or pansies and place it on your patio table for a funky look that’s sure to stand out.
  2. Colanders – Already made with holes for drainage, a colander makes for a perfect place to plant flowers. The stainless steel ones are the best option as they are extremely durable and will not bend or break.

Ideas from the Bedroom

  1. Wellies – Displayed on decking, patios and even balconies, Wellington boots are a fun and inventive way of planting. They are ideal for starter plants and the brighter the colour of the welly – the better!
  2. Chest of Drawers – Before you decide to chuck your broken dresser into the bin, think about how you could use the drawers to plant seeds, vegetables, herbs and starter plants. You’d be surprised at how amazing a display like this can look in your back garden.
  3. Old Shoes – See them old shoes that you haven’t worn in years? Put them to good use by cleaning them up and making them a new staple piece in your garden. A pair of heels filled with plants or herbs can add a touch of glamour and sophistication to even the most mundane gardens.

Ideas from the Garden

  1. Galvanised Buckets – Have an old galvanised mop bucket sitting in the garden shed? Root it out and dust it off as it can make for a great way of displaying all types of plants. You can vamp it up by adding decorations like some old ribbon and lace to its exterior.

bucket with flowers

 10. Watering Cans – Watering cans are not just for watering your plants. They can be transformed into a container itself, and a group of watering cans displayed together can make for a stunning centrepiece in your garden.

As you can see, there are so many items that can be turned into a unique container for your plants to blossom in. All you need is a little imagination and creativity to recycle your unwanted items into something that can be of a lot of value to you and your garden.

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