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2015 is here, huns! a lot of us are looking to the future, wondering what this year will bring us, what new change will we bring in to our lives and perhaps most important of all, what types of bingo games and websites will be around next year?

Although we don’t know any specifics, it’s safe to say that with the creation of new technology the online bingo market has seen a massive increase in its user base. This explosion in popularity has led to a myriad of new sites springing up almost daily, so what exactly will these new sites bring in next year to keep their clients coming back?

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What can players expect?

Perhaps the first thing we can expect from new bingo sites 2015 will be new games. We can expect the inclusion of newer and better software on these sites that will of course lead to the creation of interesting and unique bingo and slot games that will give our favourite pastime a rather refreshing overhaul.

Depending on how successful some of these sites become we could expect to play games with even larger prizes than those currently available. A lot of bingo players are now moving towards online versions of their favourite game so there’s going to be a larger user-base.

This in turns means that these sites will be able bring in more money that they can then turn around and funnel back into huge cash prizes for their members.

Another section that might see a huge improvement will be the types of promotions available; some sites might start to move away from the usual bonus bucks or deposit bonuses to something more tangible.

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Will Mobile Be The Way Forward?

It’s safe to assume that in 2015 the majority of bingo websites will cater to the mobile market in some sort of facet because according to an industry report the mobile sector of online gambling has become one of the fastest growing i-gaming areas. The report then goes on to state that the number of people using their mobile and smart devices to gamble is apparently set to double in the next year.

Plus with the majority of current Bingo sites now compatible with iPhones, iPads, Androids, Windows Phones, smart watches, Kindle Fires and other tablet devices, it’s an audience that they can’t afford to ignore.

What about the Bonuses?

The types of bonuses we can expect in 2015 from our bingo sites might involve more of a shift towards no deposit bingo sites offering larger amounts for free.

Not only would this work to both the website and members benefit, it will also help bingo sites combat the unstoppable rise of social media games which are free to play but usually only reward their players with either exclusive in-game currency or XP. Plus the more people that download these apps, the fewer members and benefits Bingo sites of the future will have.

Another thing we might see in the Bingo sites of 2015 is an increase in the size of the deposit bonus, some Bingo sites nowadays already offer things like 900% bonuses across your first three deposits so larger deposit bonuses are something we could easily expect to happen.

So Bingo sites in 2015 will have to improve their bonuses in order to at least stem the tide of apps and free games.

What about Social Media Marketing?

With Facebook having such a large impact on the market the sites of the future would be hard pressed to not step-up their marketing game to combat the free Facebook games genre.

These sites would use more engaging posts and perhaps reach out to their community for feedback on games or promotions. They might even offer exclusive bonuses or unique prizes solely through their social media outlets.

With all this considered it’s safe to say that the new bingo sites for 2015 that we’ll see popping up might be the best the industry has ever seen. 2015 could be the year that Bingo sites will regard as one of the best for the gambling circuit, but whether all these improvements will happen or not is something we’ll just have to wait and see!

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