New 2014 Bingo Sites

There has been a lot going on in the online bingo world these days and it’s sure to make a very exciting 2014 that’s for sure! There has been the surge in mobile bingo, social bingo and more bingo TV ads than you could ever imagine. There has also been an expansion on the payment methods used to cater to as many players as possible. Bingo has never been so popular, and we here at thought we would help you out by giving you our top sites to try this 2014!

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So… what else is new?

Now that you’re up to date on the hottest new bingo sites, it’s time to take a look at the sizzling trends for this year. The following is what twenty-fourteen bingo is all about!

Mobile Bingo Sites

You may have noticed already that there has been a whole flurry of online bingo sites going mobile to keep up with the trends and this is something that we will definitely see more of in 2014, in fact you can’t turn on your TV without seeing some huge mobile bingo campaign.  Soon it will be a must for operators to develop a mobile app to keep with the competition.  Of course it’s becoming increasingly popular for the convenience factor alone, no longer do you need to be chained to a desktop computer to get your bingo fix and that’s something that is extremely popular amongst existing fans.  Nearly everyone has a Smartphone or tablet these days – so it is definitely appealing to the mass market. Next time you are sitting waiting on an appointment or have a long train journey – you know what you can do.

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Social Bingo Apps

Who has a Facebook profile?  Most of us right?  Well online bingo has definitely become social of late!  There are tonnes of Facebook apps available which means whilst you are having a chat with your mates or having a cheeky snoop on their profile you can enjoy a favourite pass time too.  The good news about these apps is that they allow player’s to play for free. On most of them you can enjoy multi-level bingo which means that you can unlock levels throughout your journey to enjoy different games.  There are loads of different features that you won’t normally find online such as boosts, virtual gifts and all sorts to make things a little more entertaining and a fun alernative to the standard bingo sites.   You will play using a virtual currency – but don’t worry if it runs out you can either purchase some with Facebook credits and you will also get more for every day you return to play on most apps.

More e-Wallets

In order to offer player’s more variety in how they transfer funds online – online bingo sites have introduced more alternative payment methods.  The objective is to make users feel at ease and to ensure that all of their details are kept 100% safe and secure.  This has fast become a contributing factor as to whether or not player’s choose to join a particular site or not.  Of course the likes of PayPal, Neteller and Ukash have been extremely popular, but the rise of Bitcon that was originally introduced in 2009. All you need to do is install a Bitcoin wallet on your computer or mobile and you will get a unique address.  You can then enter in your address to transfer funds easily.  It’s pretty similar to using email addresses but you can send money back and forth.


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As you can see there is a lot going on in the industry – so 2014 will definitely see some exciting introductions and developments.  There is no doubt that more sophisticated technology has allowed for this industry to grow at a rapid pace, goodness knows what we could be reporting in 2015!